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Luke 10 Mission trip to Hamilton

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

We are back to the beautiful city of Ottawa!

The week of Monday, October 26, to Sunday, November 1, 2020, was incredible!

My sister Ruth Ndongosieme and I were led by the Holy Spirit to do a Luke 10 right after the Kickstart that took place in Woodstock. With nothing more than a car, a baptism kit, two sleeping bags, a few pairs of clothes and a communion kit, we hit the road to go on this great adventure led by our dear Lord Jesus. We did not know what to expect, but we knew that our amazing God was about to surprise us, and so did He! We ministered to 137 people in 10 different cities located in the south and north of Ontario, Canada.  You can imagine that a lot happened within that week, more than I can ever share in a single post, but here are some great highlights of our incredible adventure.

The Holy Spirit led us first to a city called Hamilton. Many incredible things happened there. The next day, I woke up and shared a dream that I received during the night to my sister Ruth about someone who needed to be baptized in the city of Guelph. Without a doubt, we drove down to that city. The moment we arrived there, we noticed that we had FAVOUR! We were able to minister to so many people in that city. As we were walking down the streets of downtown Guelph, I locked eyes with a woman named Noëlla, and when I looked at her, the Holy Spirit showed me that she was oppressed by an evil spirit. I politely stopped her and imitated the conversation by offering her prayer.

Holding with one hand her little boy’s hand, and a stroller on the other, Noëlla opened up to us and shared that a few years ago, she made a pact with a witch for wealth and a child. She later on received all those things. Recently, she started to read the bible and she understood that the pact that she had made with that witch was evil. Noëlla was now living in a constant fear that one day; her son would be taken away from her. We stopped near a little park and as I was preaching to her the gospel of Jesus, my sister Ruth was playing with her kid to allow her to focus on what was said. It became clear to her that she needed to truly repent from all of her sins and that God would forgive her. I shared about how the baptism of water in the name of Jesus frees us from this body of sin, and how we need to receive the Holy Spirit. Noëlla was so touched and therefore willing to repent and to receive the Holy Spirit right there in the middle of this park, unbothered by whom may see her. As I was praying for her she shared that she felt pressure in her chest. I quickly remembered what the Holy Spirit had shown me and I asked her permission to pray for deliverance. As soon as I started to cast out this evil spirit, she started to cry and shake from all her body. A few minutes later, she was completely freed, full of joy and full of peace. 

We gave her our number in order to meet again, and her and her son left joyfully. 

Nearby, a man named Michael was sitting on a bench and witnessed the whole scene. Ruth approached him and shared the gospel with him. He was clearly moved by what he saw, but was in a hurry and took down our number. 

Close by, a couple sat beside us, right after Michael had left. We approached them and asked them if they were suffering from any physical pain. Marjorie shared with Ruth that she had a surgery that left her leg and arm numb. Meanwhile, James shared with me that he was suffering from back pain. We laid hands on them and they were both instantly completely healed! Marjorie, who couldn’t feel Ruth’s hand on her leg before, now was able to feel it. She understood that she had just regained her sensitivity. Wow, what an amazing opportunity to preach the gospel, right? And so did we! After a long conversation, we left them with our email address and encouraged them to truly seek God. 

Brothers and Sisters, this is only 4 testimonies out of the 137 people we have met during our Luke 10. 

And we are sharing this to encourage you all to go, because the harvest is ready and plentiful. 

Essentially I learned that nothing else matters than to be obedient to God and to do His will. Think about it, if we were not available to go, who would have met Noëlla, Michael, Marjorie and James? 

I also learned that we can always count on God. Right before we left for our Luke 10 we were surprisingly financially blessed by brothers and sisters. And throughout our trip the Lord used many means to provide for us. We lacked nothing.

I grew in confidence to preach the gospel with even more boldness, and truly I saw that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. 

The work is not done! We came back, but we are continuing with the same fire for our dear city of Ottawa. Indeed Ottawa shall be saved! 

We are warriors, fighting to establish the Kingdom of God in our cities. It’s time to stand up brothers and sisters! Your city, your neighbour, your colleague, your friend, your father needs you to be the light of the world in order to be saved. 

It’s not always easy folks. I’m not pretending that everything is smooth and effortless, but you already have the victory in Christ Jesus!

Thank you for all of our brothers and sisters who prayed for us while we were gone.

Rebecca Maluma

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