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  • Leah Legare

Mission trip across Canada by car!

A team was sent out early December to cross Canada, from Quebec to British Columbia, by car, to go hold a Pioneer Training School. For seven days they drove across the provinces, stayed at brothers' and sisters' houses to encourage and be encouraged, and minister to the needs.

They stopped along the way in Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Foam Lake, Calgary and Kelowna before finally reaching their destination in Deroche, BC. Along the way, four people got baptized, a brothers' two daughters and son received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues, and many heard the gospel preached. They also faced trials... the enemy was not happy! They experienced sickness and physical afflictions, a leaking transmission on one of the cars... But through the long days of driving and the pruning of characters, the bond of the love of Christ overcame all things.

On the last day they had to face a checkpoint on the road in order to cross over to their destination. The day before, a brother received a prophetic word that a woman would meet them at the checkpoint, and what to say to her. When the team arrived at the checkpoint, they met the woman, and after speaking to her she let the team through!

Almost 5000 kilometers later, they arrived in Deroche, BC for the training school. Praise God!

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