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Learn how to heal the sick, preach the gospel, cast out demons and lead new believers through their baptism as in the book of acts, through this two days seminar. You will experience hands-on training as you receive balanced biblical teaching and putting it into practice right away. Connect with us to setup a place and a date, it can be done in open air, in a house or where we can gather.

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If you want to grow in experience and go for in-depth Bible study on the foundational elements for a disciple, and workshop activation on sharing the gospel, bearing fruits, healing the sick, sign up for this in-person or online discipleship training. Gather some of your friends and join the next one, to be equipped and start making disciples.



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Gather a small group of friends who’d like to be the church organically, and spend two days together navigating through the practices of the church from Acts 2 in order to be equipped with teaching and hands-on exercices. Make the life of your house church Christ-centered and vibrant.

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