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We are disciples of Jesus
We strive to grow in our love and devotion for Jesus, as revealed in the Bible and by the Holy Spirit, and to be like Him in fulfilling our personal responsibility to carry out his instructions.

We are devoted to prayer, the apostles teaching, and to the Lord’s supper
We give ourselves daily to prayer, worship by the way we live, living by the Bible, growing in faith, remembering Jesus’s death and resurrection, and helping each other to follow and discern God’s will and purpose for our lives.

We are people of faith
We expect God to do great and amazing things amongst us and those ew are working with, and we strive rely on God’s provision, power, and ressources more than our own.



We are a Christ centered family on a mission
We seek to live the way Jesus teaches us in to the Bible. We strive to love, honour and respect each other and to value all the gifts needed to equip and build up the church.


We are devoted to fellowship
We gather daily and weekly in simple Jesus communities and once a month as a network. We aim to be generous, live joyfully, practice hospitality, welcome everyone’s contribution and speak the truth in love.

We serve
We seek to follow the example of Jesus who his life out for others. We strive to consider the interests of others above our own.


We have a vision
We are commited to seeing Jesus known among every person in Outaouais and working with others in Canada and the world who share the same vision and purpose, to make disciples of all people and nation, baptizing them and teaching them to obey Jesus.

We are sent
The Gospel is our hope and we preach it boldly. We strive to see transformation spreading from our homes to the nations. Our gatherings and leaders exist to equip us to make disciples and be missionaries wherever God has placed us.

We give
We understand that it is better to give than to receive. We stand with the weak, care for the broken and love the unlovable. We try to give whatever we have to Jesus and to others, for the spread of the Gospel and for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.


We'd love your support!

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