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Two years ago, Oliver Buadès read the book «The Heavenly Man» about brother Yun’s life story, to his eldest son, Edouard. It’s a book full of the miraculous power of God through the life of a surrendered disciple in the underground church in China. It’s a voice that says God wants to use YOU and manifest the power of His Spirit through your everyday life to heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel, as you choose to deny yourself and to obey the Great Commission. It’s also a voice to prepare the western church to count the cost and be ready to pay a higher price to follow Christ. Seventy years ago, nobody would have expected that you could be jailed for your faith in China. Two years ago, we would have hardly believed you could be jailed in Canada for taking a stand as a Christian. But there were at least 3 jailed pastors in Canadian history that we know of. Brother Yun spent over 10 years in prison for making disciples in a country that was and is still hostile to everything that looks like a life of faith. After reading the book together, Edouard asked his dad, Olivier, “Daddy, do you think we can invite brother Yun for my birthday next year?” Olivier answered, “Well, let’s pray and try”. The next day, Olivier sent an email to Brother Yun’s Canadian ministry branch “Back to Jerusalem”. At that time, they responded that due to COVID, it was not possible for him to travel. But, one year later, a new reply came from them, and they asked if the invitation was still standing. So, on April 19th 2023, Brother Yun and his translator both arrived in the Ottawa area for a conference. People from all over Ontario and Quebec drove as much as 15 hours to come hear him speak. The church was packed to capacity!

A huge thank you to the Southgate Church in Kemptville for partnering to host the event.

We are so grateful to Brother Yun for accepting the invitation and to our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ for answering the prayers of a little 10-year-old boy who was touched by the courage and resilience of a true disciple of Christ in a persecuted world.

Hebrews 10:34

“For you showed sympathy and deep concern for those who were imprisoned, and you joyfully accepted the [unjust] seizure of your belongings and the confiscation of your property, conscious of the fact that you have a better possession and a lasting one [prepared for you in heaven].”

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