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The most incredible PTS School yet!

This last school was by far the most incredible one yet! 28 students attended from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and France. Many came from home churches wanting to be equipped. They received so much more than they came for. Each one grew in character, in love, in forgiveness, in hope and in faith. God dealt with their hearts by looking into their motives, attitudes, ambitions and fears; all keys to enjoying the reign of God in our lives.

During the two weeks, true friendships were born, unforgiveness was overcome and genuine love was displayed. Many were healed, delivered, born again, and kickstarted in their faith.

The fruits of it all? Tears of joy! Many persons were met in the region and received healing, deliverance and heard the gospel. Thirteen people were baptized into the Kingdom and over a dozen persons met in the streets are interested in knowing more or taking the next step. God the provider, the healer, the comforter, the deliverer, the Father was not only revealed in theological accuracy but in experiential ways. All Glory to God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ!

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