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February 23rd – March 11th, 2023

11th, 2023

In late February, the team was invited to the Dawson Creek area in British Columbia. Amazingly, a member of the mobile team had received a vision in December 2022 of a map of this very area where God would lead them.

A wonderful German family welcomed the team in their home for a full 10 days during which time, 4 sons, 2 daughters and 2 daughters-in-law were baptised in water and the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues! Praise the Lord for the gospel of the Kingdom that transforms.

These young believers were taught immediately how to pray for one another, to baptize each other, to help with repentance talks, to do deliverance and much more!

One of the highlights was that one of the sons who was very reserved, to the point that the team had not even met him during the first 2 days in the house, finally heard the gospel, repented and got baptized. He was the last person his family expected to follow Jesus, but he turned out to be an incredible testimony to others! After repenting, being set free and baptized, he wrote a very heart felt and poignant message to his youth group sharing what the Lord had done for him; about how he was bound to sin such as pornography and lust and was suffering from anxiety and fear but after understanding the true gospel, he repented, got baptized in water and received deliverance and the gift of the Holy Spirit. He was finally free from slavery to sin. He was no longer anxious nor fearful. He also shared that he was empowered to be a real disciple of Jesus and to fulfill the great commission of making disciples.

An “Organic Church” training was given in their home over a weekend where they got to experience prophecy and communion in a whole different way than traditional church.

This family is now united in truth and love. The work continues since the team left. The brothers baptized a man who crossed their path the very next week.

Their hunger and thirst for discipleship was quenched during the Kickstart weekend where there were teachings about how to be a true disciple and how to put their faith into action. They went out to the streets and malls to pray for strangers and share the gospel.

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