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People from Kelowna, Kamloops and as far away as Burn’s Lake drove 12 hours to join the Kickstart weekend!!

The highlights were most certainly the two men who got baptized. One man’s mother had been praying for him to be free from drugs for many many years and she was overjoyed to see her son finally set free from addiction and made new in Christ!

Also, a Native man was met a few days prior to the Kickstart weekend by some of the attendees. They invited him to the weekend and he received much prayer for deliverance. At the end of the first day, he received the Holy Spirit and cried like a baby and said “I’ve never felt so freaking happy” as he spontaneously started to speak in tongues. He was very touched by all the love he received and on the second day, he got baptized into God’s Kingdom! Praise Jesus!

This same man had invited an elderly woman to the event who he met just outside the building. She joined the meeting where a member of team noticed her foot brace and prayed for her. She went home and returned without her dog, her cane or foot brace. She was wearing both of her running shoes and was totally healed! Praise Jesus!!

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