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A person of peace was met!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Praise Jesus! During the Pioneer Training School (PTS), a small group of students felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to a small town and drive around the perimeter to find a person a peace. And lo and behold, a lady was sitting at a picnic table reading a very large Bible. "Stop!" One person called out in the car and she and a sister jumped out of the car and went to talk to this person. This lady had been drawn to Jesus for the past two years, had been reading her Bible, had recently moved to this very small town and knew no other Christians. She desperately wanted to meet like minded people and God answered her prayer! She attended the Kickstart in Saint-André-Avellin and after hearing the Gospel, decided to repent and be baptized a few days later! Angels are rejoicing in Heaven over this one sinner who repented and she is happy to have met an amazing new family in Christ!

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