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A mom gets baptized at her son's baptism in Thunder Bay

A mobile team from Mission Outaouais left October 18th 2022 to head to Manitoba on a mission. They stopped in Thunder Bay Ontario to baptize one man but the Lord had other plans.

A few days before the team arrived, a sister contacted the man who was to be baptized to ask if he would take in a man who was waiting to enter into the Teen Challenge Program. There was a home that would welcome him but it was not available for a few days because they had visitors.

He took the man into his home and shared with him how he was going to get baptized a few days later and how Jesus had changed his life. He shared his testimony and the second man said "I need a new life. I want this too." So both men came to get baptized. When they arrived at the home, the second man realized that this is the house he was moving into on the following Monday and that the team that was going to baptize him was the visitors from out of town. It was surely a God thing!

The team shared the gospel with them all and then, the men withdrew to do repentance. The second man's mom came to see his baptism and while her son was doing repentance, a few sisters offered her prayer and she was delivered from fear and anxiety. Afterwards, she decided to get baptized as well.

Her son assisted her into the water and helped baptise him mom. What joy there was to see three people baptized into new life and how God had orchestrated the whole thing! Only God could have planned such a wonderful day!

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