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55 Baptisms!! Revival breaks out in Southern Manitoba!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

A team was invited to Winkler, Manitoba to do a Kickstart weekend. A couple of team members attended a special prayer meeting that was held during the week leading up to the Kickstart where many people from different churches attended. At the end of the evening, many people received healing and deliverance and shared their amazing experience with people in their respective churches.

So many people from different churches attended the Kickstart weekend where they were healings and deliverances. Ten people got baptized on the 2nd day and the transformation in these people was so great that their families were interested in meeting the team.

One lady who was freed from anger and depression wanted her friend to receive deliverance as well. Both ladies were so transformed that their husbands wanted to experience the same kind of freedom. Over the following weeks, they both repented and were baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit.

One woman was freed from depression and addiction. Afterwards, she and her husband both repented and got baptized and their son received deliverance. Another young man attended a meeting one night and shared that he had received dreams that were clearly indicating his need to repent and be baptized. He also was delivered from many things.

An ex-Mennonite man who struggled with sin and lust for many years was finally set free after he decided to bury in faith those things that troubled him, he got water baptized.

During another evening, after the gospel was shared, six people decided to get baptized, one recovered her hearing, and another was freed from anxiety and depression.

Over the five weeks in the Winkler area, many people were delivered from religion, lust, addictions, alcohol, drugs, porn, anger, depression, fear, anxiety amongst other things.

Two Disciple Discovery Group was started in the area at the pace of 2 nights a week for 4 weeks. Over 40 people attended these evenings. During that month, the team was invited to many homes and whole families repented and got baptized. Over the course of 5 weeks in Manitoba, a total of 55 people, repented, got baptized in water and the Holy Spirit.

Broken families were restored and healed, couples forgave each other and recommitted themselves to each other and the Lord. So many people that were captive to sin were delivered and set free!! Praise God for what He has done!! Only Jesus!

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