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  • Leah Legare

Third kickstart seminar in Magog, QC!

Following the last two kickstart weekends in Magog, in late October we went back to strengthen the brothers and sisters who wished to be fruitful in the harvest and learn about the principles of house fellowships. On the first day we talked about the difference between a Christian and a disciple according to Luke 6:40 by studying the example of Ananias in Acts chapter 9. Then we learnt how to heal the sick and cast out demons like Jesus did. The believers got to pray for one another and some got healed and set free! The next day, we shared a gospel presentation and a man was convicted of sin, repented and got baptized. He then received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues! Then we had dinner together and broke bread. It was a beautiful weekend where many learned about their identity in Christ, their authority and practiced or received new gifts of the Spirit. Glory to God!

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