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"I asked God yesterday : lead me to baptism" - Meeting the man of peace

Last week a training was held in a house of peace. The gospel was preached and a small group of brothers and sisters was trained to step out in faith, to heal the sick and look for the person of peace. According to Jesus in Luke 10, the man of peace is someone in whom God is already at work, as the person is being drawn to Christ. A Cornelius-like story (Acts 10).

As small teams were sent out in the surrounding villages to share the gospel, one of them met a man waiting on his ATV. They offered prayer to him, and the man appeared to be a christian who started reading the Bible a few months prior.

"My life isn't the same anymore since I'm reading it, my desires has completely changed, and a few days ago I asked God to take me to the next step, to be baptized."

One of the sisters invited him for the next as the gospel was about to be preached and baptisms would occur. The brother couldn't believe it!

As he came next day he was stunned coming into the gathering place. He later explained having had a dream a few days prior to his prayer, where he was in a small group of people worshiping God in a house, and there he saw himself being baptized.

It's actually after this dream that he asked the Lord to lead him to this place to be immersed.

We all rejoiced together in awe at what God is doing.

The leading of His Spirit is always a puzzling testimony as it unfolds, as Jesus puts it : "He will tell you things to come." John 16:13

It reveals the character of God and His ability to do far beyond what we can do or imagine.

All praise to Him.

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