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In September, Mission Outaouais held its first "Discover The Secret Place"school. This God inspired school was a great success on many levels. It was a first attempt to develop a training totally geared towards strengthening people in their fellowship with the Lord and the Holy Spirit. Hearing God’s voice was a game changer for everyone! As people tuned in to listen to the Lord, He released deep revelations in their hearts. Much repentance, healing and deliverance took place and this in turn opened the students up to deeper levels of communication and revelation with the Lord for themselves and for others!

The result of this foundation that was laid was the basis for their initiation into the prophetic gifting as they practiced hearing God’s voice for others.

The students were able to deepen their personal relationship with the Lord and to better hear His voice about many areas of their own life as well as for the lives of others.

John 10: 27

27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

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